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What is Home based medical transcription or HBT or Home transcription ?

Home based medical transcription or HBT or Home transcription is nothing but doing transcription from home. 
You can just make a lot of money just sitting home.

Can I do home transcription?

Working at home is not for everyone. Especially if you have kids at home who will disturb you or if you have other disturbances including high noise in the neigbourhood or in the environment.  To do home transcription, you should have minimum required experience and you should be able to work without much help or no help at all. Direct uploaders are preferred by companies for home transcription as they do not require other people's help. They do not send files to Proofers or Quality Analysts.

Am I like a regular employee ?

The home transcriptionists are usually independent contractors are not direct employees of the company from 
where the work is taken. They get paid on line count basis for the finished work.

Can I do another job with HT?

A home based transcription is an ideal choice for those struggling with two careers. The home transcription work can be taken as a part time work while you have your regular job. However, it depends also on the rules of the joining companies.

How popular is medical transcription work at home?

The United States Department of Labor states that Medical Transcription is one of the fastest-growing professions today, and ranks in the Top 5 positions for Work at Home Careers.

What advantage do I have if my office gives me home based transcription work?

One of the major advantage of home transcription is the flexibility to work from home when you are unable to go to office (if your office agrees). Flexibility and freedom at home cannot be compared with that in office at all.

What are the Medical transcription equipments required ?

A computer. The computer's configuration varies with which account you are working for. Some accounts requires high conifiguration while others require only just low configuration.

Internet connection. Offline accounts can be done with dial up connection while most online work requires broadband connection.

For offline work, voice files can be downloaded and internet connection can be disconnected until you need to 
download files again or upload the completed document. Usually all the required voice files are downloaded 
together, so that internet can be disconnected. But broadband is always faster to download voice files.

If you have always-on Internet connection, then you would not have problem doing online work. Now a days 
because of increasing concern for security and privacy of documents and HIPAA, systems only store contents in RAM rather than on the hard drive.  So the system needs to be on and even the internet connection.

Footpedal to control voice player.

Stedman's, Quicklook, and other dictionary and reference materials either online or books.


Computer softwares and medical transcription softwares.

What is the minimum educational requirement?

In India, generally graduates are preferred though not mandatory. However, HT is given only to those who have had training and minimum experience.

Can I do home based medical transcription as freelance ?

Home transcription work is usually done on a freelance basis. You get paid only for the work you have done. You will not have basic salary or fixed salary.

Do all companies pay properly?

Take care before you join work at home jobs.... There are companies who get the work done and do not pay. It is best to make proper inquiry before taking home transcription. Many are inviduals who get their work done and disappear.

How fast should I finish my work?

You will be required finish the work before the TAT or turn-around-time, or much before if you need send your file for proofing.

What expenditure do I have?

You will need to buy the required hardwares and softwares. Then you will also have to pay for the internet and increasing current bill.

Why is it more useful for housewives?

Housewives can take care of cooking in between their work-breaks.

The best thing about medical transcription is there are companies that provide work to do from home.  The advantage of working from home is basically the flexibility and lot of time and money savings for travel and food.  Being able to be with your loved one for more time and so on.  Medical transcription work from home opportunity is sometimes in addition to working in office.  It is a chance to make dual income.  Your home transcription service will be benifitial to the company as it would save in many ways by not hiring you in their office. 

The following Medical Transcription Companies in Bangalore have offered home transcription work in the past.
Contact the company to know if medical transcription from home is currently available/offered for Home Transcriptionists and the terms and conditions

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previously FOCUS INFOSYS (PVT) LTD.)
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